Fleet Department


    • We can handle state bids, if you are a city or state municipality.
    • Sell and service all types of pursuit vehicles
    • We are a business link dealer that can handle your heavy duty trucks. From 3500, 4500, and up to 5500 cab chassis needs.
    • We come to your place of business to quickly address your needs. This allows us to be much faster than the conventional dealerships.
    • Special pricing is available to our fleet customers. Some of the discounts we offer include service, parts, accessories, windshields, details, and car washes.


Our goal is to extend our customer's experience to you. This includes great customer service, fair pricing, and the best hospitality around to name a few things. What you get in addition, is savings above and beyond the common consumer. As well as a partnership for all your companies automotive needs. You will quickly realize why nobody beats a Billion Fleet deal. Nobody!


Speak with one of our professional staff members to get a quick answer to your question.

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